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What is Passion?

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.

Oxford English Dictionary

What is a career?

I define a career as an occupation that one enjoys and undertake for life with opportunities for progress.

Now that we got the definition for passion and i have defined what a career is, lets dive deep into what the anatomy of passion is and how it can help us choose relevant careers for ourselves.

Passion is one of the most underrated humane feelings. People tend to ignore their inner call as they develop from their childhoods into their adulthood. Passion (strong desire or emotion) is one of the factors one need to actively consider when choosing a career. Many have pointed out how a job differs from a career. This is not the season for one to get a job but its the time for us to enjoy our career. There is a famous quote which says that if you choose a career in a field that you are passionate at then you will spend the rest of your life playing.

Its very important that people choose career fields they are passionate about. Why? this is very beneficial to the individuals and the organisations they will be undertaking their career in. It improves what was once referred to as Job Satisfaction but I now refer to it as Career Enjoyment, which many personnel managers would agree with me that it leads to better employee perfomance, which leads to high prodcutivity for the organisation they wwill be working in.

How does passion develop?

1. Gifts, talents or skill

Talents, which are by definition those natural abilities that we received at birth, powered by the powerful spiritual gift that we receive at rebirth are very key in developing skills which grow and we can be strongly passionate about.

2. Exposure

Career exposure is also very key in the development of passion towards specific careers. It gives people real world knowledge of how humans power the workplace and the exciting careers around the globe.

3. Education

The most popular tool which people use to directly entwine themselves to specific careers. Many people developed strong passion towards certain careers because they learned the subjects at school.

Thank you for reading through hoping to see you again in the next post of the Introduction to Career Development. Comments are welcome.

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