People anchor their souls to the most unstable things: Girlfriend, boyfriend, mate, children, job, house, bank account, retirement fund, career, position, title, ministry, hobby, possessions, success of their home team.

(Psa 130:5) I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, And in His word I do hope.

Hope in God and His Word is the only sure anchor for your soul.

It is vital to plant the Word before you ever have a problem so that when the enemy attacks or you are in a challenging situation, your victory is where your soul is anchored.

An individual can go through a very difficult time when their mate or partner does something unexpected. The trauma brought by the other partner in some situations if the issues are not resolved can result in bad repercussions to the relationship.

If one anchors their soul to a title they carry, one can be affected if things change and they are asked to take a lower position.

Your child after you have worked hard for their success may not cater for your needs as you may have desired and in that your soul may be disheartened by it.

If you have lived in countries with unstable economic environments like my home country, Zimbabwe, anchoring your soul on your job’s salary and or income saved can be disheartening after the finances which you had planned to use or dependent on for your daily sustenance and plans has lost its value. As an individual there could be prior engagements that you would have started or planned to start which could be threatened to continue or even come to a halt just because the finances would not to be enough for you to finish.

That’s when you realize that you had been anchoring your soul on one of the most unstable things which could be your finances.

Your souls cannot prosper without being anchored: first to God, making Him your hope and refuge, none other. Next our thoughts, will, and emotions anchored to His Word, sure and steadfast

One day your emotions are stable, the next day they are not.

Anything or anybody you have your hope in besides Jesus will keep you unsure, unsteady,  and hinder you from intimacy with God.

An anchor helps to keep you from going adrift especially when storms of life want to take you off.  Hope in God will keep your soul straight and prosperous.

Every soul requires an anchor of security and will not stop searching until he/she finds it

(Heb 13:8) Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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